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Bee-Bot - Day 6 (Younger Group)

1. Title: Find Routes on Grid (for Younger Group) 2. Objectives   ●  To find different routes to arrive at the target. ●  To program Bee-Bots to move on the routes. 3. Key Concepts ●   Direction / Spatial Perception / Programming / Error Correction 4. Georgia Standards Pre-K LD6b Uses scribbles, shapes, pictures and letters, or other forms of writing. MD4c Uses language to indicate where things are in space: positions, directions, distances, order. LD1a Listens to and follows spoken directions. MD1c Counting objects using one-to-one correspondence. MD5a Uses mathematical language to describe experiences involving measurement. SD1d Uses simple equipment to experiment, observe, and increase understanding. SD1e Records observation through dictating to an adult, drawing pictures, or using other forms of writing. SD1f Predicts what will happen next ba

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